Monday, August 18, 2008

And This Is For...

You are about to witness the strength of Fifth Round!

This blog is for people that are interested in the exchange of ideas beyond who won "Flavor of Love 3." There is pretty good chance that if I invited you to read this blog you are the kind of person that will "get it." However, this blog is NOT for the following people and if you fall into any one of the categories I suggest you sign out and go listen to Top 40 radio, check your fantasy baseball scores or watch the finale of Dancing With The Stars on Tivo.

1. Men who wear sandals...there is no excuse for this.

2. Women who wear Keds...take some pride in yourself.

3. Guys that wear more than one tank top at once...the point is to stay cool, wearing 3 at a time defeats this purpose.

4. People that take their job/school/life so seriously they can't laugh at it.

5. People that go to bars alone hoping to run into people they know or make new friends.

6. Anyone that takes sports seriously enough to get into a physical altercation at a game or sports bar...The players themselves rarely do this, get a hold of yourself.

7. People that read books with covers containing neon colors or air-brushed renditions of men or women.

8. People that think Lil' Wayne is better than Jay-Z, Eminem, Biggie, 2Pac, KRS-ONE, Rakim, Kool G Rap, Chuck D, LL Cool J or Ice Cube in his prime

9. People that didn't like The Dark Knight

10. People that physically assault others in mall parking lots to get their kid a Nintendo Wii, IPhone or Tickle Me Elmo for Christmas.

That about does it, as long as you aren't any of those people you will probably like the rest of this. If you don't, post some comments and let me know so I can attack your blog with personal assaults and name calling and tell you to watch your back if you ever come to Dirty Jerz.

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