Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Personal 2008

Some personal bests, worsts and Top 5’s from 2008:

Best New Friend: Amber De Leggas.  Technically we have known each other since 2004, when we met at Young Blowout’s First Communion, but we actually started hanging out this year.  

Previous Winners: 

2007: Don Comerica

2006: Chris Ziggler

2005: Mitch Canopus

2004: E-Mo`

2003: Jeff Vajayjay

2002: Did not make any new friends

2001: Milo Nicks

2000: Daniel Veal

1999: Lyle Mead

Best New Breakfast Food: Oatmeal with Apple Sauce.  The hot oatmeal and the cold applesauce combine to make a poor man’s apple pie a la mode (although significantly healthier).  Many people can not stand the thought of this much gruel in one bowl, but after years of consuming various kinds of slop I legitmately enjoy the varying textures and temperatures of this dish which I sometimes refer to as “Super Gruel.” 

Top 5 Nights Out:

Five: Cinco De Mayo-People got drunk and pretended to be Mexican.

Four: Fourth of July Bar Crawl-People got drunk and pretended to be patriotic.

Three: NC State vs. South Florida Football Game-People got drunk and pretended to be college football fans.

Two: St. Patrick’s Day-People got drunk and pretended to be Irish.

One: Halloween: People got drunk and pretended to be pagans. 

Best Video Games (Based on amount of time I spent playing them)

Three: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe-I have been debating in my head who would win in a fight between Sub-Zero and The Flash since I was 14 and I finally got the chance to find out...whichever one I’m controlling!

Two: LittleBigPlanet-Some people say playing a cute platforming game with a main character named “Sack Boy” is not the way a grown man should be spending his time, these people are lame.  

One: Grand Theft Auto 4-I have been playing this since May (with some extended breaks) and I am only about 20% finished.  This is a combination of the complexity of the game and my ineptness at video games, but the first 20% of this game is better than every other game I played this year.  

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