Thursday, April 16, 2009

Under/Over Rated 4 (2009)

Over Rated

Gossip Magazines

I’m not passing judgement on people that read these tabloids.  If somebody really cares about whether Brad is sleeping on the couch or if Lindsay is going to rehab it is their business.  I spend a significant portion of everyday scouring the internet for Hip-Hop rumors (let me clear up a few things for all internet Hip-Hop heads: your two favorite artists are not really going to release a collaborative album, Detox is never coming out and 95% of entertainers that get arrested will never actually serve jail time), so I’m not going to say reading about Lisa Rhinna’s lip augmentation is a huge waste of time. 

Magazines like “Us Weekly,” “Life & Style” and “OK!” simply do not have enough content   (regardless of the stupidity of that content) to warrant the cover price.  These “magazines” are more like pamphlets about hollywood gossip that can be read in the amount of time it takes your stuff to travel on the conveyor belt to the scanner at Target even if there is only one guy in front of you and he’s obeying the “10 Items or Less” sign. On my last trip to the supermarket I determined “Who Wore It Best” and read an entire expose about Scarlet Johansen’s exercise regiment before I was asked if I would be paying by credit or debit. This lack of content combined with the facts that all of this information is available for free on the internet and that all of these magazines will be discarded as rubbish as soon as the next issue is released means spending money on these gossip pamphlets makes absolutely no sense at all.  

The Amount of Fun Celebrities Can Have with a Nintendo DS

Nintendo has been attempting to make it’s updated Gameboy “cool” for the last several years with commercials showing A-List celebrities having the time of their lives playing games on the handheld system.  I do not doubt these celebrities own Nintendo DS’s, I’m pretty sure they have been given them in gift baskets at the Grammy’s or SWAG Bag’s at the Daytime Emmys, and I don’t even doubt that they occasionally play them when they are on tour busses or planes for long trips and the typical celebrity vices of copious drug use and wild sex get old (or when somebody runs out of pills), but I seriously question whether some of the biggest stars in the world (Beyonce, Taylor Swift or the chick from “Ugly Betty”) actually sit in their homes wildly tapping on the DS’s touch screen with looks of euphoric joy on their faces, laughing hysterically and celebrating like they won an Oscar every time Mario shoots a fireball. 

Admittedly, I have very limited experience with the DS (I played my cousins for a few minutes and it was pretty fun) and I do not know these celebrities personally, but the idea of people with more money than their grandkids can spend, access to the best material objects our world has to offer, and millions of adoring fans having this much fun playing The Legend of Zelda is just absurd.   

Jennifer Hudson

J-Hud is NOT the most beautiful, talented, best acting, best singing, best dressed, best hair having, most stylish person alive, regardless of what the entertainment media will have you believe.  She is a pretty good singer (“Spotlight” was actually hot the first 5,000 times I heard it), a fair actress (I didn’t see “Sex and The City” because I have some modicum of self-respect as a man, but Dream Girls would have still been cool with some other girl playing “Effy”), and pretty cute for a fat girl...that’s it. I don’t understand why the entire industry has lost their collective mind over a fattractive singer/actress that the public didn’t even like enough to vote for on American Idol.  

I do feel bad for her family, as no one deserves that kind of tragedy in their lives, but I feel bad for OJ’s family too and I’m not running out to buy their records or pulling for them to win Grammy’s.  Also, the fact that President Obama got involved in this case while he was campaigning for office is further proof of our celebrity obsessed culture and how he used the “Us Weekly” vote to get elected.  There are millions of murders committed everyday in the United States that destroy families, create orphans and take friends, and strangely enough, presidential candidates don’t normally intervene.  

However, it is good to see her back on the grind as an entertainer after that kind of ordeal, but I’m not about to say she’s the best thing out there when there are literally hundreds of more talented R&B singers and actresses out there.


MTV and VH1 Playing Videos in the Morning

Finally! The music video channels, most of them (BET is still doing infomercials and church services), are playing videos in the morning. I really enjoy getting ready for work listening to songs I will hear all day on the radio.  While more programming diversity would be nice, it’s definitely a step in the right direction that they take a break from “True Life: I’m Morbidly Obese” and “Rock of Love: Tour Bus” for a few hours every day.

White T’s

The weather is finally getting warm and the only answer to that is a few packages of White-T’s or going to Champs and getting 5 for $20.  These are the most economical fashion statement available (with the notable exception of going shirtless, which is not always appropriate).  Plus, if you’re like me sometimes your sneakers and denim are so crazy they need to be balanced out with the simplicity of a White T because if you were to wear an ornately designed shirt, it would just be too much for people to handle. 

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