Friday, September 4, 2009

20 Questions: Summer 2009

How bad was the weather this summer? It rained everyday in June, there were violent thunderstorms throughout July and by August 15th I was wearing a jacket (I know my man Don Comerica will call me a “little B*tch” for that, but it got cold mad early this year.)

Why did millions of people support the Slaughterhouse MOVEMENT, but only 18,000 support the Slaughterhouse ALBUM?

With hot albums by Eminem, Cage and La Coka Nostra when did middle-aged white guys take over Hip-Hop?

Did the best beef of the summer really involve Mariah Carey?

Does the continued success of the Black Eyed Peas across all age, race and demographic lines make you think less of society?

Wasn’t The Rock The Bells/Paid Dues festival the best package tour in a long time? (for everybody but Joe Budden).

Does Joe Budden take more “L’s” than Prodigy?

How effin’ bad was Transformers 2?

Didn’t you miss GOOD summer blockbusters based on comic books?

Kobe won a championship without Shaq, but did anybody really care?

The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup, but did anybody even notice?

If the Jets trade for Brandon Marshall, will the AFC East have the Slaughterhouse of troubled offensive threats? (Randy Moss (NE), Ricky Williams (MIA), Terrell Owens (BUF) and now Brandon Marshall (NYJ)?)

How sick is the iPhone 3Gs?

Isn’t “The Hangover” the funniest movie since “Old School”?

Who is Flo-Rida extorting to get those beats?

Isn’t that Jay-Z/Rhapsody commercial absolutely bananas? I’m not eve sure what Rhapsody is, but I know I want one, now!

How did “Man vs. Food” get renewed for a second season? Despite the asinine premise of the show, the guy fails most of the time.

Busta Rhymes got back on his BS, but did anybody notice?

Did “The Other Two” Kardashians really get their own show?

Didn’t Summer 2009 go by way too fast?

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