Monday, January 26, 2009

Corrections, Omissions and Random Thoughts

I have been blogging pretty faithfully for the last 5 months and these are a few random thoughts I’ve had throughout the process:

Why does it take other people about 6 minutes to read 4 hours of my thoughts? 

I answered the hypothetical question “If I won a contest and the prize was 10 NFL jersey’s, which ones would I pick?” and my uncle bought me the first on the list (light blue Ladanian Tomlinson, which immediately became one of my best shirts, and considering how bananas I usually dress is really saying something). Then I stated my favorite breakfast food was “Super Gruel” my mom came through and sent me two boxes of dried gruel in the mail as a Christmas present (see photo).  If I would have had any idea that stating I wanted something on this blog would result in instantly receiving those items, I would have started exploiting this a lot sooner and posting things about Starter Jackets, Grant Hill Fila’s and Main Source not to breaking up, assuming, of course, I started the blog in the mid-90’s.   

In one of my music posts I showed love to Saigon and Joe Budden.  Now that they have been going back and forth for a minute, I’m happy to say I’m ridin’ with Budden, end of story.  And it’s not just ‘cause he’s from Jersey either! Saigon couldn’t turn a recurring role on one of the biggest shows on TV into a rap career and when Joey Jumpoff got at him he responded by saying Joe had bad breath and calling his toddler-aged son a homosexual (although I disagree with some of Eminem’s recent artistic choices, I still stand behind his statements about leaving people’s kids out of it).  

On top of all this Entourage is wack!  My man Don let me borrow the first couple seasons and those were cool, but now every episode seems to follow the same formula:

Act 1: Vince is going to do the movie

Act 2: Vince is not going to do the movie

Act 3: Vince is going to do the movie and everything is all good

Final Scene: E’s cell phone rings and there is a catastrophic problem

Credits: Ominous sounding hipster music to keep you reeled in for next week

I’m still looking forward to the Dr. Dre/Eminem/50 Cent albums, but “Crack a Bottle” sounds like they were having a cookout and went in the studio to screw around for a half-hour while Lloyd Banks and Stat Quo cleaned the pool and Bishop Lamont went on a beer run.  That being said, I’ll still be at Best Buy when it opens the day this comes out.

Why did the Jets higher a guy that looks like he belongs standing next to Alec Baldwin holding an obnoxiously large snifter of brandy and saying stuff like “Bill Brasky scissor kicked Angela Lansbury” as their head coach?  However, it cold be a good higher because he comes fro good stock, his father was a real OG (Original Gilbride-Puncher). I’ll admit I stole that from a caller on the Max Kellerman show, but it is some funny Sh*t.

Luckily for the people of Pennsylvania the Eagles did not make it to the Super Bowl, now instead of burning down South Street they can go back to eating 3,000 calorie cheese steaks, not grooming their mustaches and deciding whether they love or hate Donavan McNabb...effin awesome.  Go Cardinals!

NC State Women’s Basketball Coach Kay Yow passed away this Saturday and she was an inspiration to everyone she came into contact with, either personally or through her illustrious coaching career or tireless efforts to raise funds and awareness for cancer.   I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity to get to know her personally and for getting to see her this past December, and I wish her family and the NC State athletic department the best in the future.  

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